Top Questions about Placing an Order

  • How can I order partial coating?

    How can I order partial coating?

    OvernightPrints offers you three options for ordering partial coating:
    1. You give us a description of the logo or image parts that should be coated and we will create the Spot UV files for you. This service will be charged by OvernightPrints with a flat fee of 4.58£ incl. VAT. Should the work of creating the files be more complex and time consuming, so the actual cost would be higher than the flat fee, you will of course be informed first before we start creating the files.
    2. You create the Spot UV files on your own according to the instructions below and complete the order as described (either uploading the files directly or after completing the order process).
    3. You select one of our general spot templates which are offered as part of the ordering process when you select the partial coating option (along with the option to upload your own file or have us create the file for you as mentioned under 1. and 2.).

    In order to place an order with Spot UV, you will need to do the following:

    1. Upload a finished design through our website
    2. Once on the approval page, you have to click on the link "Add Partial Coating" and you will be given the option to upload your Spot UV files right away or to upload the files at a later point. If you decide to upload the Spot UV files right away, the Spot UV process will be complete. Afterwards, please continue the order process.
    3. If you have decided to upload the Spot UV files at a later point, your order will be automatically be put on hold on order completion, waiting for you to upload the Spot UV files. After you have uploaded all the files, you have to remove the hold status yourself so that the order can be forwarded to printing.

    Spot UV File Specs:
    - Spot UV files should be saved as Bitmap images
    - image size in pixel:

    • Businesscards: 1042 x 676 Pixel
    • Folded Businesscards: 2046 x 676 Pixel
    • Postcards DIN A6: 1823 x 1315 Pixel
    • Postcards DIN A5: 2518 x 1786 Pixel
    • Postcards DIN long: 2518 x 1278 Pixel
    • Greeting Cards DIN A7: 1823 x 1315 Pixel
    • Greeting Cards DIN A6: 2518 x 1786 Pixel
    • Greeting Cards DIN A5: 3546 x 2518 Pixel
    • Greeting Cards DIN long: 2518 x 2518 Pixel
    • Greeting Cards DIN long Landscape Format: 4999 x 1278 Pixel
    • Square Greeeting Cards: 2518 x 1278 Pixel

    Create a Spot UV-File:
    1. Open the file in Photoshop.
    2. If you want to coat lighter areas of your card or have more control over the coated regions follow these steps, otherwise continue to step 3.

    • a. Select areas to be coated. There are a few way to do this: use the Marquee Tool if you would like to select a rectangle or a circle, use the Magic Wand Tool if you would like to select a colour, or use the Lasso Tool if it is a complex shape you want to select. Remember to hold the Shift key to add more areas to your selection.
    • b. Create a New Layer.
    • c. Use the Paint Bucket Tool to make all the selected areas black on the new layer.
    • d. Turn off the Background Layer by clicking on the eye next to the Background Layer in the Layer window.
    • e. Make sure all areas desired to be coated are black.
    • f. Click Layers, then Flatten Image.
    • g. Select OK when asked if you want to discard hidden layers.
    3. Convert your file to Grayscale (Image/Mode/Grayscale) Click OK to discarding information
    4. Convert your file to Bitmap.
    5. Save as a tiff file.

  • What browsers do you support?

    Our site is supported by many browsers. We recommended using "Mozilla Firefox" or "Opera". But Chrome, Safari and the Internet Explorer are also supported. You will need to make sure you have cookies and JavaScript enabled.

  • Why am I unable to place my order on hold?

    If your order has already been printed, you will be unable to place the order on hold. If your order has not been printed and you are still having a problem, please contact us via Online Chat for further assistance.

  • How do I order?

    Overnight Prints now offers two different options to place your order. You are able to use our Classic Designer, or you can create the design using any of the programs listed on our FILE HELP page to create the design to your liking for upload submission.

    If you are having problems with our Classic Online Designer, you will need to delete your cookies so information from other sites does not interfere with our system. For file submission via upload, we ask the files to be designed and saved in CYMK. If you save your files in any other colour mode they will be converted into CMYK mode automatically before printing. This may lead to colour variations.

    Please keep in mind that our new Interactive Designer is new. We do not recommend that you solely rely on this feature to create your design because it is still a a new option. If you do experience difficulties with this designer please contact us via Online Chat.

    As we are an online company, all orders must be placed and paid through our website. There are three ways to place orders with us. You can either create a card using our online designers, or you can create a card using your own design program and upload it to our website for ordering.

    To use the online designer, you would simply click "PostCards starting at €....","Business Cards starting at €....", "Letterhead starting at €...." or "Brochures/Flyer starting at €....". You would then click the option that says "Classic Online Designer" or "New Interactive Designer". From there you can select a background from our pre-made templates, add text and images, select your quantity, add the Gloss Coating, add rounded corners if desired, and obtain shipping prices. The website will guide you completely through the checkout process.

    To create a card outside of our website and upload it to our website, we ask that you follow the directions given under our "File Help" tab on our website. Once you have created the card file to our specs listed in our File Help tab, you would simply upload your file for ordering. You can do so by following the steps below.
    1. Save the file(s) to your My Documents.
    2. Go to our website.
    3. Click on the heading for the product you would like to order (ie: "Business Cards Starting at €....")
    4. Click on "Upload Design"
    5. Browse for the front (and back if you have one) of your card. Once the file is in the appropriate box, front and back, select "Upload" From there, the website will guide you through the uploading process.

  • What is the price of the different products?

    All pricing is listed on our PRICING page in correlation to the quantity and the number of sides. There is a £1.84 charge per 100 cards for the rounded corners option. Shipping costs vary upon the weight of the package and the destination of the package.

  • How do I make changes to my order?

    As an Overnight Printscustomer, you are granted full access to your account from any computer as long as you have followed the ordering process at least up to the billing portion of the order. This will give you the possibility to continue the order at a later date as described below. Once your order is completed, you have the ability to place your order on hold, edit your order, track your order and cancel your order as long as it has not yet printed. Simply log onto MY ORDERS located on the top right hand side of our website with your invoice and email address and select the option that is needed. Be sure to write down your order number prior to completing your order.

  • What causes colour drift and colour out of spec?

    The accuracy limitations of CMYK printing are that the results can vary, sometimes greatly, depending on the range, how it is calibrated, and the particular colour you are trying to print. Even the results from different digital printers or presses can vary, so colour accuracy may be an issue, particularly if you're printing items at different times or with different printers. There are also colours that cannot be reproduced using the CMYK process - such as metallics and very bright colours. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you don't use spot colours in your document. Inevitably, the colours shift when converted to CMYK, and this could be a cause of the colour out of spec you're experiencing. A good idea for designers might be to go into the Pantone Process Book and pick a process colour that's as close to the spot colour as possible, when choosing to use a four-colour printer. Select a colour that can be printed in CMYK. Use the process colour instead; the colour is much more likely to print.

  • What if I am unsatisfied with the product I received?

    At Overnight Prints your satisfaction is of utmost importance for us. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, simply send us a picture clearly showing the product in question (please send us a photo showing minimum 10% of the affected quantity) and we will happily reprint it for you, or you will receive a Store Credit for your next order at Overnight Prints.

    Please be aware that due to the nature of four-colour printing, we cannot print every colour available on a computer monitor. We do not colour match; instead, we offer the industry standard in pleasing colour and will make any reasonable adjustments to help correct submitted files. If Overnight Prints cannot correct the file or reprint to pleasing colour standards, then we will issue an RMA and refund the purchase price. Because we want to constantly increase our quality level, we have this basic condition for refunds, that the complete product has to be send back to Overnight Prints.

    If an issue arises with the printing quality of your product, please contact us via Online Chat.

    Overnight Prints will correct improper cutting, colour drift, printing delays and printing quality. The customer should correct files without full bleed or with incorrect colour selection, incorrect resolution, incorrect file dimensions, visible crop marks, incorrect card orientation, and spelling or grammar errors. You can always contact our file support department if you are unable to correct these issues yourself. They will do their best to guide you to a positive result.

    Before Printing it may be beneficial to read some of our guides. Below are links to useful information.
    Shipping information for letters and postcards

  • Why isn't my file uploading?

    Our uploader supports files with the following extensions: AI, EPS, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG, PSD, TIFF, TIF oder SVG.

    All other file formats cannot be processed, that includes Corel Draw files, Adobe InDesign files and Microsoft Publisher files. Please export to PDF when using one of these programs.

    Please only upload files that are not larger than 12 MB per side. Also make sure your files have the correct dimensions, files with extremely large dimensions cannot be processed.

    If you are still having problems, confirm that Cookies and Javascript are enabled in your browser. If that does not help, we recommend the usage of a different browser (Firefox, Opera or Chrome).

    If this fails to resolve the upload problem, please contact us via Online Chat for any file problems you are having. Also give a short description about what kind of error you are getting when uploading. You will receive a response the next business day with adjusted files or how to adjust your files so you are able to upload the files onto our website to place your order. Overnight Prints does not place orders for customers. All orders must be placed online by the customer.

  • Do I receive proofs prior to print?

    Overnight Prints does not send out hard copy proofs. All proofs are viewed online. What you see on the preview screen is what will be printed.

  • Do all orders have to be placed online?

    Yes. Overnight Prints does not accept any walk-in or orders by mail. This includes cds with files, scanned images, or hard copy prints. All orders must be placed via our website. If design assistance is needed, please contact us via Online Chat. Our representatives will contact you promptly and will guide you to a successful file for uploading on Overnight Prints.
  • How do I clear my browser's Cache Memory/Cookies?

    Clearing Cache on Firefox
    1.Click Tools and select Options.
    2.Click the Privacy Icon.
    3.Click Clear across from the Cache option.
    4.Click OK.
    5.Exit and relaunch the browser.

  • I have my files designed and saved as .DOC, what do I do now?

    If you create your artwork as a DOC file you will have to convert it into PDF before uploading it to the website. Use an appropriate program for this if you have one. Otherwise, please contact us via Online Chat.

  • Which payment options are available and when does the processing time start?

    We offer a number of different payment options:
    (when entering the payment data during the order process, our website uses a secure SSL-connection)

      This is a regular bank transfer which you initiate after completing the order process, either by filling out the necessary form at your bank or online. Please do not forget to state the order number (as the reference) when making the transfer to ensure that the payment can be allocated correctly with your order. Depending on the bank it can take approximately 1-3 days until your money is credited in our account and we can record the receipt of payment. Please note that all bank transfers within the European Union (SEPA) should be free of charge.
    • 2. PAYPAL
      Should you have a PayPal account, you can also pay with this method. Usually you will be forwarded to the PayPal-website during the order process to make the payment (and then you will return to our website to complete the order process. More detailed information is available under the following link: Paypal
      There is no additional cost for this payment method. Your order will be marked as payment cleared immediately and can be processed directly after you have completed the order process!
    • 3. CREDIT CARD
      You also have the option to pay with your credit card. To offer you the highest possible security with this payment method we use the payment service offered by 1&1 Internet AG ( All you will need is your credit card information and some personal information (i.e. the address associated with your credit card). Once the payment has been cleared you will receive a confirmation email to the address given when placing the order. Your order will be marked as payment cleared immediately and can be processed directly after you have completed the order process!
      After the receipt of payment, the order will be processed and handed over to the delivery partner within the turnaround time mentioned in the order confirmation. You will receive an email confirmation once your order is ready to be handed over for shipping. If you have selected an option with package tracking, this email will contain a link to access the tracking information.